World War 2 Wedding Dress


World War II was a time of great turmoil and uncertainty, but it also brought about some of the most stunning fashion trends in history. One such trend was the parachute wedding dress, which was made from repurposed silk parachutes. These dresses were not only beautiful and unique, but they also represented a spirit of resourcefulness, ingenuity and "making do and mend".

I recently got my hands on one - a stunning white silk dress from 1945. It came with a pink silk bridesmaid dress, a pink bridesmaid headdress and wrapped in newspaper from August 1945. Interestingly, the newspapers featured a section around the rationing of fabric being restricted even further. 

The parachute wedding dress was born out of necessity, as silk was a scarce commodity during the war. However, the dresses quickly became popular for their ethereal beauty and flowing lines. They were often designed with a simple silhouette, with a fitted bodice and a full skirt that flowed gracefully to the ground. The silk fabric was light and airy, which made it perfect for summer weddings.

One of the most interesting things about the parachute wedding dress was its versatility. The dresses could be dyed any color, which made them perfect for brides who wanted something other than traditional white. They could also be easily altered, which meant that they could be worn long after the wedding day was over. Today, vintage parachute wedding dresses are highly sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike, and they continue to inspire modern designers with their timeless elegance.


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