Welcome to my little place on the internet!


Hi, my name is Marie and I am obsessed with antique, vintage and old stuff!


I collect old wedding dresses to remake or restore. 

I also have a large collection of antique sewing machines. 

I love all sorts of weird and wonderful things, especially if it relates to things that are related to women's history. I try not to buy new fabric etc, and prefer to upcycle.


I love to rescue and relove stuff - i.e whatever I can do to give it a new lease of life. Sometimes that might be cleaning, repairing, restoring or completely remodelling.


I also have ADHD and therefore my attention tends to wander - so you might find a wide variety of interests here. 



Stay up to date with what I am up to on social media. Instagram is the best place to keep up to date. 

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