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Bowl Cosies

Bowl Cosies

Here you can find all of our bowl cosies made by Karen from Sew Cosy.

Are you working from home and eating breakfast, lunch or dinner at your desk? Love a hot lunch but don't love burning your hands? Enjoy a bowl of ice cream but your hands get too cold? You need to get yourself a bowl cosy! 

These reversible bowl cosies are amazing. Not only can you use them in the microwave* to heat up your food, they can also help to keep your hands from getting too hot or cold. 

Confused about how it works? Here's a quick guide: 

Step 1. Put food in bowl, put bowl in cosy.  

Step 2. Put the food + bowl + cosy into the microwave. Turn it on for 2 minutes at a time.  

Step 3. Remove the bowl from the microwave using the edges of the bowl cosy to save your fingers getting burnt, and tuck in!

Made from 100% cotton in a variety of gorgeous designs, these will really brighten up your lunch breaks.