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What do I mean by upcycled bags?

I search wherever I go to find beautiful fabric which is secondhand, unwanted or left over, and turn it into bags. It doesn’t really matter where it’s from. My only criteria is that it must be clean and/or washable. Because I only need small pieces of fabric to make bags, I can easily work with fabric which has small blemishes or marks, but I won’t use anything which can’t be cleaned. 

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What Is Upcycling Anyway?

Gorgeous Upcycled Queen Anne Style table from our very talented Ali Dakin - Click here to shop now!   I imagine you have heard of recycling, but what is upcycling? It's a trendy word for what people have been doing for centuries - making use of what they have rather than throwing something away and buying a new one. The fashion for buying new things rather than repairing or reusing old ones is a new trend and only really took off in the last 20 years or so. It's part of the reason for the environmental crisis - the burden that constantly producing new stuff places on the earth is extremely high. That's why I started making bags from secondhand fabric...

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